Director Desk

“We have all made promises, spoken, unspoken. We may have stood over our sleeping children, and said silently,”

"I will be always there for you.
I will give you better than I was given.
I will make a clean path to take you forward."

At Intuit, we help you keep your promises. Our experienced staff of committed and creative teachers think and act from our student's prospective. We work with them, listen to their problems, and provide them the supportive environment they need to flourish and accomplish their highest achievements.

Anurag Parihar
Intuit Education


  • CMPUT 101

    This course covers the ideas and concepts of web development and the design of interactive web pages. Basic concepts of design and interaction,... Read more

  • CMPUT 102

    Building on the algorithm foundation with client side-script in CMPUT 101, and adding programming concepts such as problem solving, and data... Read more

  • CMPUT 103

    CMPUT 103 continues the development of programming skills started in CMPUT 102, with an emphasis on hooks, module development, and web-services.... Read more

  • CMPUT 104

    Introduces advanced concepts of computer science and object-oriented web application development. The student learns and reflects on three-tier... Read more

Thought of The Day

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”

― John C. Maxwell