About Us

Intuit's method of teaching is rooted in the belief that every individual possesses unlimited potential. Our staff with extensive international experience believes in the philosophy that all the knowledge we see around us is inborn, and only needs to be awakened.

We strongly believe that the capability of every human mind is incredible. All one needs is a 3D vision. Here three Ds stand for 'Desire’, ‘Direction', and 'Determination'.

Most of our students come to us with a dream in their hearts, which they believe can change the quality of their lives. These dreams vary from 'what they want in a particular year' to 'achieving the career they want to pursue for rest of their lives'. Mostly these goals are set after proper observation of their interests and likings. With our counseling sessions and free assessment tests, we help them strengthen their belief (desire), or redefine their goals.

Once they are definite about what they want from their career or what they would like to achieve in a given year, our supportive staff helps them start their journey in a motivating fashion, and 'directs' them to achieve their desired goals.

We use our state-of-art computer lab to conduct frequent quizzes and tests to make sure that each student is focused and determined for his aim, and going on the right path, not only during his course, but till he achieves his goal.

We recognize, and respect individual differences. We have a cap on class sizes to ensure that each student is provided with the personal attention he or she needs to succeed. Come and see what we have to offer you, to achieve a better future.


  • CMPUT 101

    This course covers the ideas and concepts of web development and the design of interactive web pages. Basic concepts of design and interaction,... Read more

  • CMPUT 102

    Building on the algorithm foundation with client side-script in CMPUT 101, and adding programming concepts such as problem solving, and data... Read more

  • CMPUT 103

    CMPUT 103 continues the development of programming skills started in CMPUT 102, with an emphasis on hooks, module development, and web-services.... Read more

  • CMPUT 104

    Introduces advanced concepts of computer science and object-oriented web application development. The student learns and reflects on three-tier... Read more

Thought of The Day

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”

― John C. Maxwell